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The Charis Report is a short and sweetish podcast about current events and my life events (including my magical experiences raising 2 young kids). I'm not making new Charis Reports at this time, but it could totally happen again at some point, you never know. 



Jeff, Charis, and Paul on JACK 96.9 in Vancouver.

News That Isn't Terrible: Pigeon Birth Control, Drive Thru PNE, Blueberries and Veggie Burgers

When JACK became JILL for International Women's Day 2019. 

Jeff O'Neil Show on 99.3 CFOX in Vancouver. 

REPORTING and WEATHER for Global News Saskatoon.

SNOWBALL FIGHTING story for Global News Saskatoon. 

TV commercials for major companies including MCDONALDS, MetLife, Listerine, and REI. 

FILM roles (Lifetime MOV and Independent Films). 



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